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Charlie + Danny | 1.01

How ‘bout we actually go hunting, for once?

No one’s stopping you.

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Season 2 - Charlie Matheson

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We were so C L O S E ; And now everything seems so F U C K E D  U P

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x sIGH x baby

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Yes, another Charlie rant


I really do think that Charlie was a very good, very realistic role model. And that, of course, is largely due to Tracy’s unbelievably fantastic acting. She portrayed her in this way that, I don’t know about you, but I able to relate to very strongly. Though I have not been through what she has, I was always able to feel that what she did was exactly what I would have done too.

Now, many of you know that I have been… critical of Charlie throughout season 2 and you’ll be pleased to know I’m past that. I get it, now. You look at what she’s been through, what she’s had to do, and you get it. She lost her father, brother, then her best friend… and she’s slowly learning that her uncle did something horrible to her mother, and he won’t tell her what. That’s one huge reason she left, I think. She is watching Miles take care of her mother, when he did something to her that Charlie has been dying to know what.

Another thing, for sure, is that after all this time without her mother, she shouldn’t have been the one taking care of her. But, she’s off on her own, now. And she’s killed, and she doesn’t have anyone she cares about or that cares about her, because, you know, she’s too proud to go back to her family. She probably thinks the man she loves is dead. What’s left? Kill the man who took everything away from her. That’s the goal, I guess that’s what she said to herself. But in the end, it was just her, wandering around.

And you know what seems to work for Miles? Drinking. Let’s try that. And when she’s drunk, she has sex (let’s just hope some random Jeff-the-bartender wasn’t the man who took her maple leaf (yeah, I said that. Because Tracy is Canadian and I love HIMYM). Let’s just hope it was Jason). So, then, she’s Miles. Her life is a series of drinks and one night stands (because if you don’t think Miles was getting laid all the time in Chicago, you’re probably wrong). And then BOOM, hey! Monroe! Woo! Let’s kill him! Ok! Wait what? They’re trying to kill mom? Oh no! Yes, Charlie is angry at her mother, but she still HAS to save her. So, ok. She goes with Monroe, and they go to Willoughby. Now, she’s saving the man who killed her father, brother, and friends.

So, what now? Win? Be the good guys? Say “Miles, please don’t kill him”? Well, the last time she played the “good girl”, people she loved died. Now it’s killed or be killed. She’s facing people 10 times worse than the militia now. She’s gotta be tougher, and at the same time, not let anyone know how upset it makes her. She’s Miles now. She’s too proud for that.

Sleeping with Connor was bad. That was just a bad decision. And I’ll always be a little upset about that. But, you know? For three months, she had sex to ease her pain and, at times, I’m sure, emptiness. Who’s she gonna screw? And let’s be real. It’s CONNOR. Have you seen that hair?

When she lost Jason, I think it was a wake up call for her. She was like “woah. I just killed the man I love.” And then, I think, she was a lot less Miles and a lot more Charlie. But, she wants revenge now. And she realizes how bad they are. If JASON tried to kill her… well, these guys are bad.

So yeah, Charlie’s not a saint. But role models can’t be saints! If we’re looking for saint like, perfect role models, we will never reach that level, and we will give up. Perfection is not real. No one can be perfect. And Charlie has portrayed that. But she still does what she believes is right, and fights for her family, and she saves herself, and she stands up for herself, and she doesn’t take anyone’s crap. Isn’t that what we should be? Isn’t that a good role model for young women, and everyone? Don’t be perfect, be Charlie!

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